Panattoni Ltd. is a dynamic and innovative company with over eighty years of experience in the turnkey outfitting of offices, shops, hotels and wellness centres.

It specializes in the production of dividing walls out of steel, glass, wood and melamine and supplies, in partnership with the best companies in the industry, pieces of furniture, windows and doors, radiant ceilings and industrial flooring and ensures maximum suitability of the elements and the possibility to customize the features according to the client’s needs.

Count on a professional team, made up of architects and interior designers with many years of experience in the field, able to assist the customer in every phase of the work, even regarding specific and tailored needs, providing, if required, consulting service and support to external studies.

It has an efficient assistance service, composed of qualified personnel, which works to ensure the supply, transportation, installation and assembly with commitment and a state-of-the-art implementation, according to the current regulations (DL 8108).

Our products are tested by authoritative certification bodies and the organization complies with organizational standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


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