Seven Metal - Seven Metal srl

Partitions - Sliding walls and manoeuvrable doors - Partitions (glass / wood / steel)

Choosing Seven means choosing a compositional flexibility of 360 degrees through the union of glass elements and panels, which can be coated in the most different essences, from wood to PVC to metals.

The great aesthetic versatility accompanies the easy technical management of the facilities and the practice wall maintenance and applications.

System 7.0

7.0 is a modular equipped movable wall, made with opaque elements (blind) and transparent parts (glazed), whose thickness is 100 mm. With a simple and effective hooking system thanks to the series of nodes available, it can assume the most varied configurations and be easily removed and changed over time.
Another important aspect is the possibility of personalising it by choosing from a wide range of solutions and colours, to achieve a performance goal that fully meets the customer’s request.

System 7.1

The compositions with 7.1 walls stimulate a prestigious visual dialogue between dedicated workspaces and exhibition spaces to the customer. The complete and contemporary view of the various areas evolves from the point of view of colour depending on the light conditions of the external environment.