MABOS® - Venti Techno srl

PVC - Pavimenti - Magnetico

MABOS® is an extremely innovative, quick, clean, flexible, elegant, practical, environmentally friendly magnetic PVC flooring system that does not require the use of adhesives.

MABOS® allows you to create a stylish design and give a completely new image to your home in no time, thanks to its flexibility and the variety of designs and finishes available in various collections.

The MABOS® magnetic flooring system is composed of two elements: a mat that is laid directly on the metallic substrate, and a PVC floor, which, thanks to its reverse magnetic properties, once laid, joins the mattress generating a single body.

MABOS® is ideal for commercial spaces, shops, offices, fairs, community centres and of course residential sector. It can be laid over existing hard floors. It helps you acquire a new style without stopping your activities and renewing the floor and the image quickly. Moreover, it can be used immediately.